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The Future of Frog Monitoring using Calls

The Future of Frog Monitoring using Calls

This project seeks to develop a new technique in monitoring frog calls using call data from microphone arrays. The technique has currently only been developed for frogs in the genus Arthroleptella, but has the potential to be used much more widely. The student will investigate the feasibility of using this technique in a wide range of frogs in South Africa and Europe. The student will need to have a string statistical background (preferably proficient in R and be willing to learn new programming techniques and develop software).

Co-supervisors: Res Altwegg (SANBI-UCT) and David Borchers (St. Andrews


Project Info

  • Date | 13/05/2015
  • Category | Doctoral Projects

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Funding Opportunities

NRF Freestanding Bursaries - South African Students only. Call usually closes in August each year. Visit the NRF website for more information. The South African NRF does hold some opportunities for collaborative funding.

Claude Leon Foundation - This foundation funds both South African and foreign postdoctoral scientists, who should increase the volume and quantity of research output, transfer technical skills and generally enhance the research culture.

The Royal Society in the UK

Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowships

Or you could consider crowdfunding your own project...

Most of the funding for visiting academics will be from the visitor's own country. You should contact your research council and ask for South African bilateral funding possibilities.