Fond farewell

11 September 2015

Today's lab meeting

We said farewell (but hopefully not goodbye) to Debra Stark who's been with us for the past 3 months

Debra has been studying the acoustic SECR of Arthroleptella rugosa a small Critically Endangered frog living on a single mountain in Caledon.

As part of her farewell cake party, Debra had to cut the cake...

Debra has done great work in South Africa, including finding several new populations of the rough moss frog. Once again she shows what you can really do if you get out there and look.

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More news coverage on Frog eat Frog

10 September 2015

Here's some more news coverage on our Frog eat Frog article:

Thanks again to Les Minter for letting us use his fantastic image!

and in Spanish...

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The great 2015 tadpole search

08 September 2015

We wanted to know where the Cape platanna breeds... we all set out to walk transects until we found them. 

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