New lab member...

13 May 2016

We'd like to welcome our new lab member: 

Marike Louw, flies the new drone. Special shout out to Debra Stark on her 'flying' visit from UQ in Oz.

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More congratulations

06 May 2016

Mac & Ana in the top 5

Congratulations to Mac & Ana who have their articles in the top 5 for contributions from Stellenbosch University to The Conversation - Africa: and it only seems like a few weeks ago they were published!

Congratulations too to The Conversation - a stunning effort in your first year.

Read Mac's article here

Read Ana's article here

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Talks at AIMS

04 May 2016

Gio & John give talks at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences during a week long meeting on mathematics in invasion biology and disease.

Gio in the dark talking about his toad Individual Based Model

John explains what's cool about aSECR

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