Time spent at UNICAMP with the Toledo Lab

23 May 2018

Last stop in Brazil is UNICAMP

This week, I'm visiting the lab of Prof. Felipe Toledo: LaHNAB at the University of Campinas, UNICAMP.

I was invited to give a talk in their Bioforum series

Thanks to Raquel Salla for this image.

I even got certificated!

It's been great fun to meet all of his students and postdocs who've really looked after me well in true Brazilian fashion.

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A few days with Laboratório de Ecofisiologia e Fisiologia Evolutiva

18 May 2018

Time at Laboratório de Ecofisiologia e Fisiologia Evolutiva at the University of São Paulo

Great to spend some time in the lab of Carlos Navas: Laboratório de Ecofisiologia e Fisiologia Evolutiva at the University of São Paulo. I gave a talk to the lab “Does an invasion come from a single population”, and in turn was treated to some insights into the current research in his lab.


It was a great few days at USP, that also saw me connect with Fernando Ribiero-Gomes, Vânia Regina Pivello and Taran Grant.

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Gio's JEB paper gets lots of attention

11 May 2018

Gio's paper get's featured in a Journal of Experimental Biology inside JEB feature

A great write up from Kathryn Knight in 'inside JEB' this month on Gio's new JEB paper: Rapid adaptive response to a Mediterranean environment reduces phenotypic mismatch in a recent amphibian invader

Of the many remarkable things about this invasion of toads in South Africa's extreme southwest, this paper emphasises the very short time over which adaptive plasticity occurs: within two decades. 

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Talk on invasions at UFRGS

11 May 2018

A talk to the Department of Zoology at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, Brazil

It was a pleasure to address an enthusiastic group of zoologists in their weekly seminar slot. My host, Prof Marcio Borges-Martins, was a post doc at PUCRS when I worked there in 2001. Now he runs a herpetology group at the university with lots of exciting projects. I think my presentation may have just tipped over the hour long allocated slot, but thanks to you all for sticking with it!

Talking to a bunch of Brazilians about South African amphibian diversity is tough, but I hope I convinced them that there's lots of interesting stuff going on at the CIB in Stellenbosch University.

Title: "South African frogs: invaders and invaded."

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Honours students present at Cape Herp Club

02 May 2018

Presentations of Honours Proposals

The honours students present their proposals in a compressed 5 minute format to members of the Cape Herp Club. Meeting since 2004, the Cape Herp Club comprises all academics and students who work on herps in the Cape Town area. 

Speaker 1:  Carla Wagener
Talk title: :  Linking thermal threshold with widely distributed populations of African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) over different altitudes
Speaker 2: Damian Van Aswegen
Talk title:  A global assessment of invasive snake impacts using two formal frameworks
Speaker 3: Reesher Kearns
Talk title:  Assessing the change in calling densities of the Cape Peninsula moss frog (Arthroleptella lightfooti) amidst Cape Town’s ongoing drought
After this, I gave a presentation on the MeaseyLab project: "What can YouTube teach us about why people want amphibians as pets?"
All talks were well received and with some great questions and debate. 
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