Corey wins the top prize

18 November 2016

Corey wins first prize

Well done, Corey! First prize in the Department of Botany & Zoology's Annual Research Meeting, for the best MSc talk. Corey outlined his experiment in conservation of Xenopus gilli   by determining the predation rate from sympatric X. laevis

...and he looks really happy. 

Bot Zoo people, 2016

In a sneaky moment, while everyone was waiting for the photographer, I popped this image of the deparment. 

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Corey gets runner-up

11 November 2016

Well done Corey!

Corey Thorp's presentation at the CIB-ARM wins him a prize for the best runner-up in the MSc presentation. 

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Marike wins top prize

11 November 2016

Chirping wins prizes for Marike

Marike Louw wins the prize for the best MSc presentation at the Centre for Invasion Biology Annual Research Meeting (CIB-ARM). Marike presented her preliminary results after a long season of walking the mountains of the Cape peninsula and recording the emdemic moss frog using aSCR. Her prize is to attend an international meeting in 2017.

Marike gets prize from DaveMarike & Dave

Well done Marike! With Gio getting the best PhD presentation in 2015, the lab is full of the best!

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CIB Annual Research Meeting

10 November 2016

The 2016 CIB Annual Research Meeting

Once again the CIB put together an awesome ARM with fantastic plenary speakers: Marc Cadotte, Scott Carroll, and Laura Celesti-Grapow

2016 CIB ARM

Has the CIB grown since last year?

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Urban invasions workshop

08 November 2016

Urban Invasions Workshop

Participants at the urban invasions workshop relax after a gruelling two days of meeting and talking about urban invasions.

We will look back on the memories of this workshop when we read the special issue to be compiled for Biological Invasions (now available here).

To see our own frogg contribution you can follow the blog here. Or read the paper here.

Many thanks to Mirijam Gaertner an colleagues at the CIB for making the meeting possible.