Functional Response Workshop

10 November 2015

Functional responses as a tool in invasion ecology

We had fantastic attendance from 3 continents at the functional response workshop.

Hosted by the CIB, this event focussed on the emerging use of functional responses to as a diagnostic in invasion ecology and the importance of its grounding in traditional ecology. For more information click here.

This meeting has now produced a series of publications in Biological Invasions:

Functional responses can unify invasion ecology

Functional responses can’t unify invasion ecology

Fictional responses from Vonesh et al.

Rather than unifying invasion biology, Dick et al.’s approach rests on subjective foundations

It's a great academic back and forth that we really hope you enjoy reading...


Platanna wedding

03 October 2015

Congratulations to Andre and Nikita...

on their wedding day. 

Andre is already coping with married life, being pulled in different directions. The bubble hasn't burst... yet.


PeerJ top spot

28 August 2015

We got top spot on PeerJ:

...and it looks great!