Sundays River Valley Retreat

26 April 2015

Sundays River Valley Retreat

It's great to get a bunch of people together to discuss what could be done. It brings perspective, familiarity and unity to research ideas. Thrashing it out together is also a lot of fun.

Pictured above are: James Vonesh, Mhairi Alexander, Darragh Woodford, Ryan Wasserman, Olaf Weyl & Cang Hui.


Silvermine burns

02 March 2015

Fires engulf the Cape peninsula

Fynbos burns in regular cycles, but when that happens behind your house it can be both spectacular and worrying. Fires started on the night of 28 February somewhere up Muizenberg valley. They spread rapidly over the mountain and eventually spread all the way to Constantia. 

Seen above are views from Lakeside as fires spread all the way over Constantiaberg

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Welcome James Vonesh!

13 January 2015

Prof James Vonesh has won a Fulbright Fellowship to spend time in the MeaseyLab at the Centre for Invasion Biology in Stellenbosch University. We're all looking forward to working with James, and many more parties, teas and days of work at the department.

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